Guru Maraji’s close aide dies, corpse abandoned at mortuary. -How He Lost 3 Children Mysteriously

Self acclaimed perfect living master, Sat Guru Maraji may be close to trouble from one of his aides’ family, if he fails to manage the problem that has reached a boiling point now.
According to information reaching Top News, his late loyalist, Adebola Bassey Ese who hails from Cross Rivers State, was the Chief Security Officer and one of the strongest in the Guru temple before his sickness that later resulted to his death.
Bassey Ese, a former Commander-General of the Man-O-War Association was hit by stroke before he later died but in the last few weeks, family members have refused to collect his corpse from Guru Maraji who had since deposited the remains of the man at a Lagos mortuary.
Just like his boss, late Bassey Ese was not new to controversies. It was once reported that he threatened to kill his second in command in the Man-O-War hierarchy and was alleged to have used fetish options as threats agsainst his deputy. He also had a running battle with the land lady who owned the land he presided as a temple of Guru Maraji in Festac Town. The trouble later made him a guest of Kirikiri Prison before he was later released.
Insiders say family members are waiting for Guru Maraji to bury the remains of the man before the ‘war’ will start. In fact the source says “they refused to take the corpse, awaiting when he would bury the remains so that they can begin a legal battle with him”
Before late Bassey Ese’s demise, he was said to have lost 3 children in different mysterious circumstances which led to him, being suspected as the cause of the deaths by his relatives. “He was summoned to his village in Cross Rivers State to come and eat kolanut and perform some rites to prove that he was innocent of his children’s death”.
Although Top News gathered that the man never went to his village till he gave up the ghost.
Sometime ago before his death, one of his sons was said to have drowned at the Lagos Bar Beach. Also, his daughter, Morakiu brought home her boyfriend in anticipation of getting her father’s blessings in marriage. Bassey Ese, a staunch member of Guru was said to have gave his daughter’s fiancé only one option before he can support their union. Ese insisted that the marriage must be conducted by Guru Maraji and that the young man should join the Guru Maraji Temple.
Not happy with her father’s position, the young lovers went behind to marry without the man. Unfortunately for the young couple, death came knocking. The newly wedded lady died three months after her marriage. This almost caused uproar within the family, but since it was his daughter, many relatives had to simmer down.
The former Man-O-War leader, who battled with stroke until this year when he died, did not also depart this world alone, as shocking news of death came again.
Barely one month after his death, his eldest son, Adekola Ese who had been driving him around while he was attacked by paralysis, died mysteriously. The death really touched a lot of the family members of Ese and to them, Sat Guru Maraji may not be totally clean in the whole happenings.
This has however made relatives to abandon the corpse of Bolaji Bassey Ese who is still at mortuary now.
“If Guru Maraji can bury the corpse, he should go ahead and do it, but then he would understand that there is law in the country and he can’t be bigger than the law” one of the family members fumed.
As at the time of going to the press, the family members are yet to go and claim the corpse of the man. This shows that, they might have abandoned it for Guru Maraji.

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