Top Police officer’s Nmultimillion duplex demolished by government officials

A Deputy Superintendent of Police who was attached to the Lagos State Police Command before he was on a routine transfer to Yobe State for temporary assignment could not believe what happened to him when he got wind of the situation at his multi-million naira property in Magodo axis of Lagos.
According to sources, it was gathered that the officer, whose first wife is also in the police force have been married for years and they have three children between them. Their marriage has always been under intense pressure, and knowing that his wife was also a stakeholder at the Magodo house, which both of them no longer reside, he placed the property under lock and keys, as they both went their ways, living apart and comfortably.
Words came from his estranged wife that they should sell it, but he refused.
Knowing that his wife is not a tough cookie, he decided to move to Ibadan to build other another house, where he also got married to another woman who lives at his new house in Ibadan.
Sensing that anything can happen, the DSP decided to put his aged mother in the Magodo house with his sisters when he knew the wife had been pulling strings for it to be demolished.
In fact, towards the end of Fashola’s administration, there was an attempt to demolish the house, as men from the demolistion dept, came to the house to inform the family of the policeman that they should vacate the plce within days, but the officials, who had moved in with bulldozer in the afternoon, could not carry out the operation because, the policeman had to send boys(mobile policemen) in his team, from the Lagos State Command, to stop them.
He was in Yobe State on rotation, as it was mandated for senior mobile police officers then, because of the insurgency.
Within the period, there were allegations that a powerful cartel within Alausa that had offered him the sum of N20million to vacate the place because he considered the offer ridiculous, and never had the intention of selling it.
He later got the hint, that it was only the former governor of Lagos, Asiwaju Tinubu that can prevail on Fashola to stop the demolition order, but then the Governor was out of the country within the period, and that, Fashola may not know that there could be any sinister motive behind it. Efforts to see Tinubu failed through his security details because he was busy with the APC campaign then.
Unfortunately, the DSP had to report to his duty post in Yobe at the time, but from few checks, he got hints that his wife, whom they had both separated, is dating one of the powerful men in the ministry, who is a dark complexioned and slim, known as Engineer. And that is why every avenue has been difficult.
It was said that the DSP knew his wife is also a tough cookie, he decided not dare underestimate what she can do, by running down to Lagos again, the following weekend. But on getting to his base in Yobe days later, he got the call that the property had been pulled down.
According to some of the police sources, they said the man was so devastated that he could hardly talk on phone. During her first effort which failed, it was gathered that she had complained that she suffered so much with the man to build the place, and he can not lay claims to it as a sole owner of the property.
Words filtering into ears have it that they had erected the place with a joint name and possibly, the woman also have a fraction of the money spent on the structure.
Their children, we gathered, lives in boarding school, and hardly come there, but the once eye-popping structure has kissed the ground, while both parties have decided to move on with one of the party’s ego badly bruised while the other seems satisfied.

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