Staffers Fingered In Globacom’s Network Problems …how they are milking the company

Nigeria’s indigenous telecommunications company, Globacom is at present battling with network problems as subscribers are complaining of failures in network services.

Although, the epileptic network is not limited to the company alone, other major service providers like MTN, Airtel and Etisalat have also been facing bad reception signals too in recent times.

But Globacom’s trouble, according to inside sources, is that there are some bad eggs in the technical department of the Otunba Mike Adenuga owned company. gathered that, some staff in the technical department of the multi-billion naira organisation are fond of stealing fibre cables worth millions of naira from site, only for the company to spend whooping amounts of cash to have these fibres replaced to meet the customers’ needs.

In fact, there were complaints that, the North which do not have high rate of vandals, unlike the much more exposed south-south region, have now recorded high rate of thefts, and it was discovered that staffers are the culprits. These acts, have constantly been putting the company at an uncomfortable stead, as it must replace stolen cables instantly to avoid network problems.

Another strong source in the company hinted that, some staff in the technical department have become overnight millionaires due to the sabotage. “Some of these guys have properties scattered all over the place because of these illegal deals. You can imagine when fibre cables worth millions are stolen at least twice in a month, and it has become a norm until they get caught”, the source hinted.

Not only that, there were numerous cases of communities that have provided lands for the company  to have Globacom in their areas. But some bad eggs, usually go behind to either convince the land owners or community leaders to request for money, or when money is involved, they convince the owner(s) to increase the stake because the company is in dire need of those lands for mast installation. They now go back to collect percentages from the deals.

It was gathered that, few who have been found culpable one way or the other, have been redeployed to other department because of Adenuga’s magnanimous mature.

“The chairman is a very nice person, he has a large heart and rather than sack, he redeploys them, considering that they have families to cater for. And these set of people because of frustration would go to town to spread falsehood that he (Adenuga) is high handed.

An old staff of the company also said that, Adenuga’s major headache is that, most Nigerians in trusted positions have proved that they are not after the company’s interest, and that is the reason why he prefers Indians because they consider the interest of the company even though they are not saints.

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