Miracle Baby, Jobs, Healings At Apostle Suleman’s Enugu Crusade


A second characteristic of being called to be a pastor, besides that inner compulsion to serve God, is that you develop a great compassion for people. The realization that all those people living and working around you are lost without Jesus, pierces your heart. You’re moved with the same compassion Jesus felt when He saw the crowds, “harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd” (Matthew 9:36).
The two-day Apostolic mission to the ‘Coal City’, Enugu, by the founder and senior pastor at Omega Fire Ministries (OFM) worldwide, Apostle Johnson Suleman, was a valid proof of the above stated claim, as thousands of participants were not just made rich spiritually, but also personally and financially.
“If you realize that without Jesus people will perish forever, you cannot remain placid and unmoved as you work in the Kingdom; you will be driven by a holy zeal to help in all ways,” Apostle Suleman expressed while delivering God’s messages at the soul-winning conference which held between Wednesday, 15th and Thursday, 16th of August, 2018, at Kingdom Ways Living Church, Enugu State.
Given the fact that the work of a true God’s servant is always fuelled by a sense of urgency, Apostle Suleman has not wavered in his mission to Jesus minister to the sick, performing wonders in Christ’s name and healing all that are fortunate to encounter God through his divine activities.
The wonders of the first day in Enugu involved a message from the ‘Oracle of God’, as Apostle Suleman is fondly called, to the husband of one Mrs. Nzube Ifeoma. The couple has been married for five years without the fruit of the womb and, according to Ifeoma who stormed the conference venue clutching a new baby boy, his husband got the message from Apostle Suleman in 2015 at an Asaba crusade that ‘David is coming’. “Here is the David God promised my family,” announced the elated new mother to her appreciative audience.
There was also the case of an aged woman who had been blind for one year and had her sights restored. One Bro Okoye Chiemerie, during testimony time, shared his July amazing experience with the thrilled crowd. “Last month, I had a dream when Daddy told me that I will be connected to someone that will help me. After that, I met a person from USA who has been getting me connected. Again last month, Tuesday to be precise, during the ‘Solution Hour’, daddy prophesied that someone was getting an alert; I got connected the next day and I got an alert.” Chimerie’s testament was followed by those of five female participants at the conference namely Sister. Nweke Olivia, Sister Ilo Uchechukwu, Mrs. Oluchi Anichebe, Mrs. Miracle Kechinde and Sister Uche Ebikefe Lucky.

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