Woman Falls To Her Death While Posing For Picture in Turkey

While posing for a picture in Turkey, a 31-year-old woman slipped on the grass and fell from a 115-foot cliff to her death. The incident occurred on Sunday after the government lifted the coronavirus quarantine in the city.
Kazakh native Olesya Suspitsyna died in front of her female friend who was taking the photograph in the tourist city of Antalya in the south-west of the country as reported by The Daily Mail.
The women decided to take a walk to the popular Duden Park, known for its waterfalls, after weeks of the stay-at-home order. During the walk, Olesya decided to take a photo on the edge of a cliff with the waterfalls in the background.
She climbed over the safety fence and started posing for the image in front of her friend, at one point, Olesya slipped on the grass, lost her balance and dropped off the 115 foot (35 metre) cliff to her death.
Her terrified friend called emergency services. Later Olesya’s body was found and pulled out of the water by local rescuers. Turkish police investigated the case and concluded it was an accident.
Her friends expressed their sadness and deepest condolences to Olesya’s family on social media.
According to her close friend, Olga Kravchuk:

Olesya always loved the sea and dreamed of living in Turkey. She made her dream come true. More than anything she loved the feeling of freedom. This is an irreparable loss. My heart is broken.

Olesya worked as a tour guide in the city for the last five years. Her body is to be transported from Turkey to Kazakhstan on Saturday.
Turkey has shuttered schools, restaurants, and cafes to curb a surge in cases of the COVID-19 disease. Though some workplaces remain open, it has imposed partial stay-at-home orders, largely closed borders, and slowed domestic movement.

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