Woman designs face masks With tiny penises to raise money for charity

Over $55 thousand has been raised by Mindy Vincent from Herber City, Utah, who designed and sold face masks with drawings of flowers and tiny penises of different skin tones.
Mindy who is a mother and therapist went viral after she shared photos of her “unique masks” on Facebook.
The masks sell at $20 and also come with breast and vulva patterns.
Explaining the idea behind her mask which many may find offensive, she says the offensive imagery is a good way to tell if someone is ignoring social distancing protocol.
Not only that the sale of the masks is also for a good cause as profit is to benefit a nonprofit battling addiction, Utah Harm Reduction Coalition.
Mindy is the founder and executive director at the Utah Harm Reduction Coalition, a nonprofit that provides harm reduction education, advocacy, and services, and also runs a syringe exchange.
She went viral on April 9 when she shared a photo of herself in the mask in her car.
‘Behold! My masks have arrived!’ she wrote. ‘I wore this to Walmart and petco today. When someone tells me my mask has penises on it, I kindly let them know this is how I determine they are too close, kindly back the f*** up.’
She says no one has commented on her mask in person yet saying:
“No one says anything,’ she said. ‘I don’t know if they are afraid to say something, or if they think I’m unaware I have penises on my face.”
The masks that are being sold online have become hot in demand as many people have shown interest in buying.
“I’m so overwhelmed by the response and how many people have shared my post,’ she said.
“So many people just don’t have a very good sense of humor these days, and I just love that there are [170,000] people in the world [who liked the post on Facebook] that would also be willing to wear d***s on their faces.’
Mindy started her organization in 2016 after her sister died of an overdose.
“It changed my whole world,’ she said. ‘I am a person who has recovered from a substance use disorder, and I had been working in the field of addiction for several years when my sister passed away.
Anyway, I realized there was a serious flaw in the way we were treating people who suffer from addiction. So, my mission became keeping people alive.
‘”ur syringe exchange law passed in 2016, and I started the first legal syringe exchange in Utah. Today, we are the largest provider in the state, and we have an outpatient substance abuse treatment program as well,” she went on.
Her organization has handed out more than 3,000 doses of the opioid-combatting drug Naloxone.

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