South African returnee confesses: I robbed a laptop dealer with toy gun


A suspect named Victor Remi is singing like a bird after his arrest by operatives of the Rapid Respond Squad of the Lagos State Police Command, for robbing a computer dealer of three Apple laptops worth N1.5m.

Remi, a South African returnee and his accomplice, Ekeh Maxwell, a musician were said to have disguised as buyers to dispossess computer dealer of his laptops using gun and knife.

The suspects got the contact of their victim on Twitter, sent a message to him and requested two Apple MacBook Pro – 2018 edition laptops.

In his statement, Remi confessed that, “I told the dealer that I was the managing director of a new company on Acme Road, along Ogba area of Ikeja. I also told him that my daughter recommended that his laptops were legit. I ordered one for myself and another for my secretary.

“It took us a week to initiate, perfect and execute our plan. My colleague, Maxwell, borrowed his brother’s Toyota Camry  car with number plate FKJ 833 EZ for the deal. We bought a toy gun and painted it. I controlled the dealer to Acme Road, because we knew that the area was desolate.

“While Maxwell drove, I sent a message to the dealer on WhatsApp that he should bring the consignment to my office. I told him that my driver would pick him up on Acme Road. We met him there and he boarded the vehicle, while the driver picked me up a few metres from where the dealer boarded the vehicle.

“He was sitting in front with the laptops. I placed the gun on his neck and ordered him to surrender the goods. We wanted to take his phone too, but he pleaded not to be stripped of everything. We told him to alight from the car and we escaped.”

Remi who also tried to corner his accomplice, said that the two Apple laptops collected from the dealer were sold for N250,000 each, whereas he actually sold each for N500,000.
In the course of investigation, it was discovered that the computers were three Apple MacBook Pro – 2018 edition laptops worth N1.5m.

While informing the media that the suspects will face the law, the Lagos State Police Command have also used the opportunity to advice residents to limit the information they post on the social media, adding that criminal elements were exploiting the social media to perpetrate crime.

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