Robot Strippers debuts in French Strip Club

In marking its fifth anniversary today, the Strip Club Café in Nantes is set to introduce two robots which would make their pole dancing debut.
As technology advances with each passing day, one question that comes to mind is, would machines or robots replace humans?
Robots have found home in virtually every sector, especially in the manufacturing and industrial sectors. But would they be able to make home in a strip club?
To mark its fifth anniversary, a nightclub in Nantes would feature the robots pole dancers alongside their female human counterparts.
SC-Club owner Laurent Roue said the mechanical dancers pay homage to robotics’ importance in modern life.
He said they will not replace the club’s 10 human dancers, who perform alongside the newcomers, although some might find the robots “very sexy.”
“To each his own,” Roue said.
One of the dancers at SC-Club, Lexi, 23, said she didn’t fear losing her job to the metal-and-plastic pole-dancers.
She said: “They won’t really change our sector. It’s something beautiful [stripping], and robots won’t change that.”
The robot strippers are the brainchild of British artist Giles Walker. They are made of plastic morsels of female mannequins and metal vehicle parts.
Walker has said the robots aimed to “play with the notion of voyeurism,” posing the question of “who has the power between the voyeur and the observed person.”

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