Paternity row: No DNA was conducted on our children says Super Eagles’ Kayode Olanrewaju’s wife

On Saturday, rumours went viral claiming that DNA tests had been conducted, proving that the three children of Nigerian Super Eagles’ star, Kayode Olanrewaju are not his, but that of a renowned UK based pastor.

However, the estranged wife of the footballer, Dora Ezinne has refuted the allegations of infidelity, paternity, and financial fraud levelled against her through her legal representatives.

In a lawsuit shared on her Instagram page on Saturday, her lawyers said the claims are “defamatory, causing severe embarrassment to our client and her children”.

Ezinne also asked Kayode Olanrewaju to issue a disclaimer via his social media platforms within 24 hours.
The letter added that failure to adhere to the demands would leave “our client with no choice but to seek full custody of their children in the ongoing divorce proceedings”.

“It has come to our client’s attention that since May 24th, 2024, various blogs online platforms have been disseminating salacious stories alleging that results of a DNA test reveal that none of the three children born during marriage to our client belong to you. These scandalous and defamatory stories have spread rapidly, causing severe embarrassment to our client and children,” the letter reads.

“Our client has reason to believe that these baseless and humiliating allegation were contrived and strategically planted by you across various media out with the malicious intent of tarnishing her reputation and causing irreparable harm to the innocent children.

“Our client’s belief is further substantiated by your conspicuous inaction since the commencement of these false narratives. Your failure to dispel these rumours or issue a disclaimer only reinforces our client’s suspicion of your involvement in orchestrating this smear campaign.

“Our client categorically states that, contrary to the false allegations being peddled, no DNA test has ever been carried out on any of the children, as you well know. However, our client is willing and ready for such a test to be immediately conducted by a reputable and neutral institution or facility if you so desire.

“The impact of these unfounded stories on the innocent children has been profound. Since these reports started circulating, they have been weeping nonstop and have refused to eat, sleep or leave the house. They have been subjected to ridicule by their peers, causing them considerable emotional anguish. Our client has never seen them as sad and demoralized as they are now.
“In light of the gravity of the situation, we hereby demand that within 24 hours of receipt of this letter, you issue a public disclaimer on all your social media platforms, prominently stating that no such DNA test was ever conducted on the children and the purported test result is completely false. This disclaimer must be prominently displayed on your Instagram and any other relevant accounts to ensure maximum visibility and reach.
“Failure to comply with this demand will leave our client with no choice but to notify the Court and seek full custody of the children in the ongoing divorce proceedings. We trust that you will act swiftly and responsibly to rectify this egregious situation.”

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