Heart Attack Deaths During Navratri ‘Garba’ Dance in India

Ten individuals have tragically lost their lives to heart attacks in the Indian state of Gujarat during the Navratri Hindu festival’s “Garba” dance, a celebration of feminine divinity rooted in the Sanskrit word “garbha” meaning “womb.” The victims ranged from teenagers to middle-aged, with the youngest being a 13-year-old from Dabhoi in Vadodara district.

Reports indicate that over 500 emergency calls were made within 24 hours following the dance. The government has issued an alert, instructing event organizers to ensure the availability of ambulances, advising revelers to take breaks, and requiring automated external defibrillators and trained individuals in cardiopulmonary resuscitation on-site to enhance safety during this traditional dance central to the Navratri festival in Gujarat.

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