Lagos Medical Doctor Crumbles Patient’s Marriage

One of the medical doctors at the state owned General Hospital may need to clear himself of allegations levelled against him by one of the patients seeking medical attention at the hospital.

The medical doctor, a light complexioned slim built man in the orthopaedics department of the general hospital is believed to be very randy. His activity, according to sources has placed him in the bad books of some female patients who sees him more as a womaniser than a medical practitioner.

Very fair in complexion and can nearly pass for an albino, Dr. S…(name deliberately withheld) notoriety has reached a level where no one can tell if his philandering nature is a form of sickness or a curse.

“The doctor is very randy and he does not hide it” a female patient also stressed.

It was gathered that he is yet to clear himself of a petition by one of the patients who had accident sometimes back. The patient, a male was admitted into one of the wards at the Lagos state owned general hospital. The man (patient), a slim built and of average height had his wife as an attendant to him while in the ward.

On one of his wife’s regular visit to the hospital to see her husband who was then on admission, the lady met with the doctor, and they became intimate. Their intimacy turned to a love relationship while the husband was still on the hospital bed.

However, the man who was later discharged from the ward became an out-patient of the hospital.

At this period, he had discovered that his wife is having an unholy affair with the orthopaedist.

It was also gathered that the patient accused his wife of having an illicit affair with the doctor but rather than deny, she absconded from home, leaving the husband to face his health challenge alone.

Though the lady is a seamstress, she has leveraged on the relationship with her doctor-lover to get more customers from the hospital as she now sews clothes for some of the nurses around.

On the other hand, the estranged husband who still comes to the general hospital on appointment, we gathered has been frustrated many times. In fact, he once complained aloud that efforts to see doctors have been frustrating and he does not want Dr. S…. to attend to him, and also the doctor on his part has also been frustrating him from getting the desired medical attention for the past 10months, because he (Dr. S….) is always at work especially on Monday appointments to attend to out-patients before references can be made to consultants.

Top News sources say the man has petitioned the management of the hospital but nothing has been done yet because the doctor who is a strong member of the Islamic movement, NASFAT still attends to patients and from all indication, has not been summoned, neither has the petitioner been called to testify or prove his



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