How churches recruit suspects for fake miracles

Like the Holy book says “end time is near”, and that false prophets will continue come into the church. Indeed, the activities of some suspects arrested at the Holy Ghost Park, Ogui Enugu, while on an mission to defraud church goers, has again proved this point that fake prophets abound.

The five suspects, gave their names as Obi Ejike from Ubaho Okija in Ihiala, Anambra State; Kuku Mary from Ijebu Ode, Ogun State; Oluwakemi Joy from Ojo, Lagos State; Nwosu Chizoba from Umunze, Anambra State; and Peter Uchechi from Ebonyi State. They are for hire.
According to reports, they specialize in feeding the public with lies at crusades and church programmes, and had in the past been instrumental to the growth of many churches and ministries.
Though, they confessed rhat they are many in the group, but the five arrested members were on a mission to a church programme in Abakaliki on the invitation of a ministry.
The Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) in Enugu, Ebere Amaraizu who confirmed their arrest, he said “while waiting for their bus at the park, a quarrel broke out between Joy and Ejike that attracted the attention of security operatives close to the arena.
He said from their statements, which contradicted each other when the police intervened, it heightened suspicion that they were into “notorious activities”, and as such led security operatives into inquiring further on the nature of their activities.
“The duo revealed that they were into some activities and that other members of the group were waiting at the P&T bus stop for movement to Abakaliki, which made police trace them to the place to arrest them.”
Disclosing their modus operandi, Amaraizu stated: “One of the suspects, Peter Uchechi, a female, maintained that they were recruited in large numbers and kept in a house at Onitsha, Anambra State, from where they shuttle to various states of the country to confirm a prophecy for the purpose of winning more souls for a church or ministry.
She confirmed that they are usually paid through their coordinator, who hired the house, where they are kept.

“They can be detailed to go to any state and the phone number of the contact person in the said church/ministry is usually provided to them for easy communication on arrival. They usually dialogue with the linkman to the pastor of the church/ministry on the shape the job will take.

“She went ahead to reveal that they usually state their names, nature of problem they have and other necessary information, which is given to the pastor for his guidance and during the prophetic session, one of them will be among the people with the said problem that will come out. The pastor then using the said information will prophecy and the fellow will give a confirmation before the congregation.

“The pastor will touch the fellow, he or she will fall and the pastor will proclaim the problem was over and that he/she has received healing and through that way, members of the congregation will believe that the pastor was powerful and a man of God and this will attract more members to the church. He stated that they were usually paid in the end through their coordinator.”

Obi Ejike, who also confirmed their illicit deal, disclosed that he worked hand in hand with the coordinator, adding that he was the link person for Abakiliki and Enugu jobs.
Ejike maintained that he joined the lucrative prophecy job after he lost his business to the activities of fraudsters in Lagos and relocated to Onitsha. He also recruits candidates for the group.
Nwosu Chizoba, a mother of one, who corroborated the stories of her colleagues, pointed out that she joined the business in Abuja before relocating to Onitsha.
Oluwakemi Joy and Kuku Mary, who are mothers of four children each, said they left their marriages to join the business through their friends, to enable them make a living.
The PPRO however promised that the law will take its course, and other members of the syndicate as well as their patrons will face justice.

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