Diphtheria Outbreak Claims 20 Lives in Kaduna State

The National Primary Health Care Department Agency (NPHCDA) revealed that 20 people in Kaduna State have lost their lives due to diphtheria. The NPHCDA also confirmed 156 cases of the disease in the state and praised the state government’s efforts in combating it.

Dr. Faisal Shuaib, the Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Agency and Co-Chair of the Federal Task Team on Diphtheria, expressed these concerns during a visit to the Kaduna Diphtheria Treatment Centre at the Barau Dikko Teaching Hospital. He noted that Kaduna is one of the seven states with a high number of diphtheria cases. Since March, there have been 150 reported cases and approximately 20 deaths, which is a significant number for diphtheria. Dr. Shuaib emphasized the importance of early detection and the need for the media to raise awareness about the disease.

He explained that diphtheria is preventable through vaccination, and around 80% of those affected did not get vaccinated. The outbreak is attributed to low vaccination coverage, resulting in low population immunity. Areas with higher vaccination rates have fewer cases of the disease.

Dr. Shuaib commended the state government’s efforts in fighting the outbreak and advised the public to wear masks, especially when visiting healthcare facilities. He also praised the Chief Medical Director of the Barau Dikko Teaching Hospital and the Kaduna State Primary Health Care Board for their leadership and expressed hope that the outbreak would soon be controlled.

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