Elijah Ishen is a seasoned gospel artiste with an amazing voice. His song tittled “Somebody Knows (Mr Fix It)” is one of consolation, truth and assurance of God’s love and care for the mankind.
In this interview, Eli- J as he is called reveals how he got to this stage.

Who is Eli-j, kindly let us into your world?

ELI-J is a Gospel music minister who majors in Country music, also a music producer, song writer, vocal coach and presenter. He is a member of the All Stars of the Loveworld Music and Arts Ministry in Believers’ Loveworld a.k.a Christ Embassy.

When did you discover God’s call on your life to be a gospel singer?

Actually, I grew up in what I call a singing home. Specifically, I got serious with music when I got into Emarid college where I joined the New Life Ministral Choir, from there onward I knew I was going to do this for a long time!

What challenges have you faced so far as a recording artist?

Growing up in the music ministry, I had challenges with people not believing in the style of music and financial challenges too but what kept me going was the Uniqueness of my music ministry given to me by the Holy spirit for it was none like the world has ever perceived before!

Tell us about your hit Debut CD” somebody know”?

Somebody Knows as I will always say is a song of consolation for every soul in the world! There are things that you have gone through in life and might not be able to tell anyone… The Holy spirit sent me to tell you that SOMEBODY KNOWS about it! Whatever posts you occupy, give your best and always depict righteousness even if you were wrongly accused, continue to do the good work of the Lord. Better still, to my beautiful readers; you should listen to the song if you haven’t yet.

Who are your mentors in the music ministry.?

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome; my father, the one you all can see and then the Holy spirit, the one that has been there right from time!

Tell us about your little beginnings ?

I got into the music ministry with a passion to win souls for Jesus with my music and it still is. I made sure I gave my very best, no mediocre work for God deserves the best. Sometimes I used my allowances to record songs while I was still in the university and would go hungry; whenever I did that, I was always consoled by the testimonies that came forth especially from songs like To heart, Whitegod, Just Perfect, Somebody Knows and so much more! In all, I kept at it, my confessions never dwindled instead they grew in strength. One very thing I always did and still do is to sow seeds! And as I indulged in this act deeply, my grace increased, I fell more in love with God’s word and were so happy ministering having little thought for financial gains as some artistes coming up have now. There is time for all that but also when you go about it the right way, you will never be frustrated for he said in his word; “seek ye first the kingdom and his righteousness and all other things (wealth, honour, goodwill, grace) shall be added unto you”, and that is the key to greater success in the music ministry!

How did you nurture your dream?

I nurtured my dreams by sticking to the Holy spirit, listening to him, learning more about God’s word through deep revelations as revealed by Pastor Chris. The Holy spirit helped me keep the right friends that were in consonance with my dreams and vision. And also I trusted in God, not man!

What kind of atmosphere or mood inspires you to write your songs?

Glory to God! I carry my own atmosphere as given by the Holy spirit, so I can write my songs or get inspiration anywhere! Holy ghost filled atmosphere

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