Time out with Capital Oil boss, Ifeanyi Uba

Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah is a highly successful businessman who sits atop Capital Oil and Gas group. The oil tycoon who contested for the Anambra governorship seat, but lost to Gov. Obiano, in a chat with Flash Point News, talks about his rise to the top. Here are excerpts from the Flash point news


What is the biggest disadvantages of being a businessman?

Government policies in Nigeria, when Government policy will collapse your business conception and you know you can’t fight Government.


How much of a family man are you, looking at your busy schedules?

I am a core family man because I strongly believe in family values.


Why is Ifeanyi Ubah considered controversial?

Ifeanyi Ubah is mostly misunderstood and greatly controversial because they try to bring a lot of trouble but my God has been defeating them. Let me tell you, it is unprecedented in any Nigerian character to have passed through What I have faced, and still get into the system with all their might. You need to be a believer and that’s why I say, one with God is majority. Touch not my annointed and do my prophet no harm.


So where do you derive all the strength to fight all these battle?

My brother, What can you do, when God says ‘He will give you abundant grace’.


Looking back, some businessmen will say they started business with like N5,000. What is your beginning?

For me, I started as ‘boy-boy’ or What you call baranda man (point’s man between buyers and sellers who has no shop). In fact, I used to be the leader of the hustling group….(General laughter). I cannot hide my past, I started as a hustler amongst traders in Isale Eko (Lagos Island). We grew up in a very difficult atmosphere that is why today, if you decide to throw me from seven storey building, I will laugh at you….


As the son of a teacher, What propelled you into business?

I wanted to change my world,  I wanted to help my parents, my family and to help people. These are the guiding principles that led me into business.


There is this belief that women run after successful men. How do you cope with that?

You see, at some particular time in life, men do things that are not pleasing to God, but once you are arrested and you say God I am sorry, please God, forgive me,  He will forgive. I’m not saying any man is perfect, but for me I speak for myself today that I am a one man one woman person and it is the truth. I don’t have time for all that because if I look at the mightiness of God in my life, I think back. It does not mean one cannot chat, make friends or play with opposite sex but when it begins to get deep, then it is not me. I have one of the best wives on earth so everything I need is in her and I am satisfied with her.


As a businessman how do you relax?

I love football and I’m also in love with boxing. Though, the one I still find time to do is football, sometimes I go to the beach with friends to play beach soccer so that when I fall, I wont break my bone but fall on soft sand (laughs).

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