Timaya’s rude attitude


Popular dancehall musician, Timaya is in the news again over his aggressive personality.

He has always been a singer who was ready to pick fights at the slightest provocation. Even journalists were often wary of approaching him for interviews.
So legendary was his hot temper that comedians often made jokes off it. However, when the self-acclaimed Egberi Papa 1 of Bayelsa welcomed his first child, he announced that he would be cutting his trademark dreadlocks to honour his daughter. He had said at the time, “My dreadlocks was a strategy. I wanted people to see me as a rude boy. I couldn’t have been giving all those trouble with a calm and clean face. I wanted a look that (people) would associate with it. He was recently rude to a Journalist which made one of his aides apologise on his behalf.
Some fans at the same event also complained that he brushed them off when they attempted to take pictures with him.

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