Franca Asemota, a Nigerian woman has been sentenced to 22 years in prison by UK court for trafficking in young girls. Asemota,38, who was extradited from Nigeria to the UK by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, was found guilty of attempting to traffic Nigerian girls through Heathrow Airport to work as sex workers in brothels across Europe.
She was convicted on Wednesday at Isleworth Crown Court of eight counts of conspiracy to traffic persons for sexual exploitation, two counts of trafficking persons outside of the UK for sexual exploitation and two counts of assisting unlawful immigration. According to court documents, she was part of a criminal network that trafficked girls, boys and women from Nigeria to Europe using threats to guarantee their compliance. Franca Asemota was identified as a trafficking suspect in 2012 but fled from Italy to Nigeria when some of her co-conspirators were arrested by Immigration Enforcement investigators. She spent time in Europe before the National Crime Agency (NCA) tracked her down to Nigeria.
In an operation co-ordinated by the NCA she was arrested by the Nigerian Economic and Financial Crime Commission in Benin City in March 2015. Once her identity was confirmed Asemota was then extradited back to the UK in January this year. She was found guilty of conspiracy to traffic for sexual exploitation and assisting unlawful immigration after a four-week trial at Isleworth Crown Court.

Franca Asemota
Franca Asemota

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