‘My wife sleeps around’

Mr. Lukmon Adeyeri, a carpenter was at the Orile-Agege Cuctomary Court to seek divorce. His claim is that his wife of 9years, Mrs. Florence Adeyeri is a cheat and that he has caught her many times sleeping around with different men.

‘I can’t recall how many times I have caught my wife flirting with men, and each time, she apologises and still repeat the same act’.

Also, Lukman alleged that his wife(Florence) is fond of threatening to kill him each time they have disagreement and thus, does not want her to carry out her her threat.

‘Being my wife does not guarantee that she cannot kill me.’

The estranged couple have two children between them, but from the husband’s claims, the marriage has always been riddled with one cirsis or the other.

Claiming that the wife does not come home at all times, but goes out with different men, Lukman informed the court that his wife is also planning to run away with the children.

However, Florence who is a petty trader, was not in court to defend all the allegations levelled against her.

The court president, Mr. Adegboyega Lateef Omilola has ordered the husband to maintain absolute peace until his wife appears to state her own side of the case.

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