Kidnapped teenage girls lament -We sleep with more than 15 men each daily and given N500

Two teenage girls that were raped, tortured and videotaped by five men in Ondo town, Ondo state were again kidnapped and forced into prostitution by the wife of one of the suspected rapist.
Narrating their ordeal, the teenage girls alleged that they were forced to sleep with more than 15 men daily and paid N500 each by the owner of the hotel in Ogun state. The whereabouts of the teenage girls had remained unknown since the first day they appeared in court for the case.
The suspects who are in prison custody on the order of an Akure Chief Magistrate Court include Bode Akinsiku, Olabanji Femi, Abiodun Ayodele, Fadairo Wahab, and Adedayo Adebayo.
The suspected rapist allegedly lured the two teenagers to the house of one of the suspects located at Kogbona street in the town where they were raped, recorded and posted on social media. Police source said that acting on a petition by the parents of the victims, the teenage girls were traced to Igbekodo town, a riverine community in Ogun State. Police source said that the girls were abducted from Ondo town to an unknown destination by two persons whose name was given as Imole and Toyin Akinsiku who are the family and wife of one of the suspects respectively.
Narrating their ordeal in Akure, the girls said that they escaped from where they were made to trade in prostitution. They alleged that ”we were abducted by Mrs Imole and Toyin Akinsiku immediately we left from the court on the day of the arraignment of the suspects”. “We were going back home in company of one of our friends, Posi Olarewaju, on the fateful day, when the two women double crossed us, they forced us to climb an Okada and moved towards Awoyaya area along Ondo/Ore highway in Ondo town, where we later boarded a bus going to Lagos. “We stopped on the road and entered another bus, we boarded about five vehicles and later entered a flying boat, before we could get to the place. At a time we didn’t know the name of the town, until the third day before we could ask somebody. “Our abductors handed us over to a woman who specialized in hotel business, we were made to do prostitution in the hotel, we received more than fifteen men on daily basis at the end the woman that owned the hotel will give us five hundred naira daily. “At times, we were made to hawk pure water during the week, but when it is weekends we will be inside the hotel for “short-time” business. “One day we summoned courage and ran away from the town and entered a flying boat. “After we came down from the flying boat, we trekked for several kilometers, before we could ask somebody who later showed us way to Lagos, we also asked where we can get bus going to Ojota, where we get a vehicle which later took us back to Ondo, at times, on our way coming back home we lap ourselves so that we can manage our money”.
In a petition jointly written by the parents of the two teenagers, Mrs. Hellen Victor and Josephine Ademolu, entitled: “Re-abduction and trafficking of our daughters” and directed to the Area Commander of Nigeria police, Ondo Area Command, they alleged that their daughters was abducted since Thursday 17th of May, 2018 by one Mrs. Imole and Toyin Akinsiku.
The petition read in parts: “Our daughters who have been missing since 17th of May, 2018 came back home and explained to us that they have been abducted by one Mrs. Imole and Toyin Akinsiku to an unknown place around Igbekodo Ogun State, Nigeria” “According to our children, all this was done to frustrate the ongoing trial. “We were also informed by our children that they were made to sleep with many men for business purposes”. The state police command has declared the abductors of the girls wanted.
Confirming the incident, the police lmage maker Femi Joseph said the girls are now in safe hands after they escaped from their abductors. Joseph assured members of the public that the suspected kidnappers of the teenage girls would soon be arrested.

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