9 girlfriends gang up against man to protest alleged cheating

9 ladies ganged up against a Zimbabwean man, Canaan Kanyera, after they found out that he was dating all of them simultaneously.
Kanyera had advertised in the dating column of a newspaper for a woman to marry. In response to his ad, nine women had reached out to him, including a married woman, who was prepared to divorce her husband, in the hopes that Kanyera would marry her.
One of the girlfriends simply identified as Tabeth revealed details of their relationship. She said, “we exchanged photographs and his images were so clear and he was looking handsome. I thought my prayer for a good husband was answered but little did I know that marriage is not easily found through social media.
“He would ask other ladies to stay outside as we romanced in another room and would dismiss me and engage the others like that.
“One day we united against him and confronted him over dating several women pretending as if he was looking for a better one to marry.
When  news of Kanyera’s sexcapades with his nine girlfriends came to light, he said, “all was not well for me when I sent a message in the dating column looking for a woman to marry.”
“I was left bruised and regretting after one of the women lied to me that she was single, when in actual fact she was married” he said speaking about his clash with said woman’s husband.
In his newspaper advertisement, Kanyera had reportedly lied that he was single but it turned out he had a wife who lives in the rural areas.
He also lied about being a businessman.

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