Yomi Fabiyi to TAMPAN -You can’t suspend me, I’m not your member

Yomi Fabiyi

Nigerian Actor, Yomi Fabiyi, who recently released a movie titled “Oko Iyabo” and was suspended by the Theatre Arts and Motion Pictures Practitioners Association of Nigeria, has called the bluff of the association, stating that he was not a member of the association.
Fabiyi was suspended for making the film about the recent alleged harassment of a minor by another actor, Olanrewaju Omiyinka, aka Baba Ijesha.

Fabiyi said, “I am not an official member of TAMPPAN. We were originally members of the Association of Nigerian Theatre Arts Practitioners. Perhaps, it is time to renew my membership there as that is the parent and ancestral association for all of us. Whatever is in that letter (by TAMPPAN) is not valid for me. TAMPPAN is a voluntary association like every other association we have in the Yoruba movie industry. I have only been asked to register in TAMPPAN once. I paid (the dues) but in almost two years, no form or official registration was done. Disregard that letter. They have no jurisdiction over me. I will continue filming and nothing stops. I am still going to be fully active in the industry. Thank you.”

In a statement titled ‘TAMPPAN suspends Yomi Fabiyi indefinitely for gross professional misconducts & unethical practices’ and signed by the asociation’s Director of Reserch and Documentation, Yemi Amodu, it noted that Fabiyi was found guilty of ‘professional misconduct’. The statement read in part, “Having listened to the detailed defense of Mr Yomi Fabiyi, who is the producer/director of the controversial film, ‘Oko Iyabo’, and his co-director, Mr Dele Matti, the Ethics, Conflict and Resolution Committee hereby found them guilty of professional misconduct and unethical practices.

“Although Mr Fabiyi insisted that it is his fundamental human right to use his creative talent to produce films that will tell his own account of the trending issue but his co-Director admitted his fault and regretted his involvement in the film.

“(Except) the work of art is a ‘cinema verite’, no one is allowed to use real name(s) of other person(s) in a feature film. Therefore, it is professional misconduct to use real name(s), stories and factual events of person(s) without their consent not to talk of a plot that is denigrating to that person.

“That the story, plot, theme, title, dialogue, names and general content of the film ‘Oko Iyabo’ is a factual presentation that may give rise to prejudice since the matter is already in court.

“His misconducts and unethical practices have impacted negatively on the image and reputation of our association. His co-director, Mr Dele Matti, having shown remorse and admitted his guilt is hereby suspended for three months.”

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