Whatsapp Delete For Everyone Feature Extended From 7 To 64 Minutes

The release of the WhatsApp Delete for Everyone Feature on WhatsApp was witnessed last year and has brought about different reactions from its users.

A lot of users believes the Delete for Everyone feature is really helpful, a lot complained about the limited time and others find it unuseful.

Up till the present moment, WhatsApp users can only delete messages for everyone in a private or group chat for seven minutes after sending the message, after which the option will be deleted and won’t show up again.

Right now, Whatsapp has extended the 7 minutes for deleting messages to over an hour.

This amazing feature is now available in the most recent version of WhatsApp.

All successfully deleted messages will eventually be replaced with “This message was deleted” in the recipients’ or group chat.

It has been made known that the new feature will be available for Windows and iOS users in a sooner time.

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