Two dead as masquerade festival turns bloody in Ibadan

An ongoing masquerade festival at Oja Igbo area of Ibadan, Oyo State, is believed to have been hijacked by hoodlums, killing and maiming innocent people.

According to the National President of Soludero Hunters Association, Oba Nureni Ajijola Anabi, he said,

“When the Egungun festival began, these hoodlums killed one man at Oja Igbo and Ita Ege areas of Ibadan. They killed many people.

Oba Anabi narrated that:

“They killed a man four days ago, because the man challenged them on why they wanted to set his family house on fire.

The man(now deceased) tried to explain that whatever happened with these men, had nothing to do with him because he was strange to the allegations, and so they can not burn down his family house, but refused, and immediately attacked him.

“The deceased said he wasn’t the one with the masquerade and that it was his brother. But, they didn’t listen to him. They ended up killing him.

“They said they would set my house ablaze. They said I didn’t intervene and kill their opponents when they engaged them.

“I told the DPO at Agugu and he tried to calm them down but they refused. They are still insistent on burning down my house.”

However, police have tried to make sure normalcy returns to the area.

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