Troubled marriage: Ladi Balogun, former FCMB MD separates from wife

Ladi Balogun

After being kept under wraps for long, it’s eventually in the open that the celebrated marriage between Ladi Balogun, former MD of FCMB, and his wife Banke Alakija has crashed.

The couple fell out of love, and simply stopped tolerating each other.
Sources close to the estranged couple revealed that their marriage crashed due to irreconcilable differences.
Banke allegedly refused to play second fiddle to Ladi. She was not submissive and couldn’t fulfill the role of dutiful wife, friend, lover and confidant to her husband, according to Ladi’s apologists.
On the other hand, Banke’s friends argued that her mother-in-law (Ladi’s mother), had too much influence on him. They claimed her influence on her son contributed in no small measure to the short-lived marriage.
And contrary to belief that the marriage recently hit an iceberg, the couple allegedly separated from each other a long while ago but they succeeded in keeping it under wraps to avoid the noise and scandal that could result from undue media exposure. While no one is sure if they would ever reconcile and remarry, it is an open secret that the couple are happy without each other. Ladi, for instance, is having the time of his life. He allegedly hangs out more now.

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