Social media influencer banned from TikTok, Facebook over controversial comments on men

Sarah Idaji Ojone, a social media influencer, also known as Saida Boj, has been banned from major social media platforms including TikTok, Facebook and Instagram handles.

Saida Boj’s loss of social media handles happened hours after the video of controversial statements about men and relationships went viral.

Saida Boj, who was a guest on the Honest Bunch Podcast, said that a man would have to transfer N500,000 to her within 24 hours of ‘talking stage’.

She said the money is justified because she deserved to be paid for being beautiful.

Her statements raised curiosity and was confronted with questions about selling her body, but she insisted that a man who gives her N20 million can enter anywhere in her body.

“I don’t have time, life is stressful, if you’re talking to me for morning, I’m already billing you for evening, if you don’t have the money, then you go. You should give me at least 500k. You should pay me for being beautiful, do you know how much skincare cost?” Saida Boj said.

“If you can spend up to N20 million in a week, you can go through anywhere in my body. N20 million, N50 million, that’s money. If you can’t spend up to N500k, you don’t deserve my WhatsApp number,” she added..

Her statements were tackled by celebrities including Erigga, and Dat Warri Girl and netizens took to different social platforms to slam the Tiktoker.

After several backlashes, Saida Boj was banned from TikTok, Instagram and Facebook.

Refusing to be weighed down by the ban on social media, Saida Boj, has uploaded a new video through another Facebook account, maintaining that she was used to being banned from social media platforms and that her critics should pray to have a child like her instead of fighting her.

She added that the critics who reported her social media handles should channel their energies to their businesses to make millions.

“You’re happy that my social media accounts got deleted. I wish you can put the same energy you use in reporting my account to make money. I’m back, and I am here to stay,” Saida Boj said in the new video uploaded. 

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