Renowned Journalist, Oduyoye Olajumoke rolls out for Mothers at Xmas

Parents, guardians and caregivers, who are in search for where to have fun during the coming Christmas season with their kids can now feel a sense of relief. ‘Moms and Moms 2 B’, a social hub for family, is organizing a one-day family funfair on December 24 at the Customs Training School in Ikeja, Lagos. The event, Moms & Moms To B, is basically for families and suitable for parents with kids between 3 months and 18 years, and the event is built to pursue a social course specially for mothers and soon to be mothers and also creating an avenue for moms to learn, interact, socialize and express themselves; while it will also help to reduce child and mother mortality rate by lending a helping hand to mothers in need, fostering family bonds with the family being an essential part of our society by creating fun events in relaxed environments where kids can have fun, socialize with one another, learn and even form friendships while parents also interact with one another. According to the coordinator of the hub, Mrs. Oduyoye Olajumoke, she disclosed that the ideology behind the event is to create an atmosphere where the virtues of family can be strengthened and the socio, cultural bond between families created while at the same time having fun in a safe environment. The one-day event will feature various activities such as face-painting, candy-floss, boat ride, bouncing-castle, video game arcade, soapy soccer, gladiator, swimming pool, amongst many others, for a sum of N5,000 per child, including parents and tickets can be purchased from online and our social media. The Moms & Moms To B was purposely initiated for the need of having a forum for mothers and soon to be mothers to share their experiences and ask questions as it affects them and at the same time socialize. Majority of our today’s society women get busy so much with career, home and kids but this will create a platform for them to socialize. With this first edition, we are focusing to build a stronger bond within the family, as the event is family focused, fun activities for the kids to remember for a long time, opportunity for parents to meet and socialize with one and many others. As an addendum: “The bigger picture is a television show focusing on mothers and soon to be mothers which will debut soon, talking about their challenges, issues that affect them and also celebrating them. Currently, we have an online forum where we bring on pediatricians and gynecologists to talk about issues that affect women and kids and also answer questions, we also feature real-time question and answer sessions where medical experts answer asked questions. Also sales exhibitions and fairs where kids and moms items are sold at knock off and massively discounted prices. In future events, we are looking having Moms and corporate bodies who will be ready to lend a hand to those in need.”

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