Nigerian authorities shut three cough syrup manufacturers

Nigeria’s authorities have shut down three leading drugs companies after a BBC investigation into addiction to cough syrup containing codeine. The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (Nafdac) said it shut the firms for failing to fully co-operate with its inspectors. The companies have not yet commented.

The BBC investigation showed that the syrup was being sold on the black market, and was being used by young Nigerians to get high. It recorded figures in the pharmaceutical industry selling the drug illegally. Nafdac director Mojisola Adeyeye said in statement that Peace Standard Pharmaceuticals, Bioraj Pharmaceuticals and Emzor Pharmaceuticals were shut because of “apparent resistance to provide needed documents during our inspection”.

The firms could reopen at a later date, depending on “the level of co-operation that is shown during the comprehensive investigation” by Nafdac, the statement added. The agency banned the production and import of cough syrup containing codeine on 1 May.

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