Nigeria may die – Muslim students warn leaders

The Amir (President) of Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria, MSSN, in Lagos, Dr. Saheed Ashafa, has lambasted Nigerian leaders.

He spoke at the formal opening of the 104th Islamic Vacation Course (IVC) organised by the MSSN, Lagos State Area Unit at the Human Capital Development Centre, Epe.

Ashafa lamented that office holders were not running the affairs of the country in ways and manners that would make it grow at a desirable rate.

He explained that the theme of the camping activities, ‘In the shade of the Qur’an’, was chosen to reflect the need for Nigeria’s system of governance to follow what Allah prescribed.

He said, “This nation will die because of the way those at the helms of affairs are running it. It is under a shade that cannot guarantee success, a shade that makes it vulnerable to attack.

“We cannot sustain this nation with the excessive insincerity, gross deceit, inestimable greed and lack of transparency and accountability among the ruling class.

“If both the leaders and followers do not submit ourselves to the Shade of the Qu’ran, we will continue to run from one problem to the other.

“Corruption will continue to take new dimensions; just as it has moved from being covered with an umbrella to being swept under the carpet.

“Our problems will not leave us without a concerted effort to be guided by the Book of Allah, where all humans are treated equally. No hijab victimisation, no religious sentiment, no gender bias and no tribal discrimination.

“For Nigeria to develop, our system of governance must follow that prescribed by Allah.

“We can neither stop suffering from the effects of recession nor vulnerable economy, and our policies will not beget favourable outcomes if we do not stop operating an economy that survives on interest”.

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