Lagos pastor jailed for rape after 6days in America

The words of Chuck Swindol that “Adultery occurs in the head, long before it occurs in the bed” fits the story of one of the Pentecostal pastors based in Lagos but got himself into trouble in the United States of America.
According to Top News, the man who presides as a pastor of the Lagos based church, situated at Idowu Egba, off Igando/ Iba Expressway is at present cooling his feet in American prison and it is alleged that his libido is responsible for his travails.
Our source revealed that, Elder Adeleke-a senior pastor of the church travelled to the United States of America sometime around April, 2015 on a first time visit.
Pastor Adeleke’s trip was facilitated by one of his friends who is married to an American citizen.
Barely 5-days after he landed in US, he decided to pay his friend a visit at Staten Island, New York.
On arrival, he had a nice time with his friend. Although, his friend’s wife is at work but her younger sister; a lady of about 17 years was around.
When Pastor Adeleke sighted the young lady, he inquired from his friend, and was told the lady was his sister in-law. Pastor Adeleke’s host after some hours dressed up for work, leaving him at home with the young lady. Perhaps, the man had developed some funny ideas in his brain within the period he met the well-shaped lady, and decided to take advantage of the situation.
He convinced the lady, and both of them had sex while his friend was away at work. According to the report, there was no violence or force involved.
The young lady, later put a call through to her mum that she had been raped. This infuriated the girl’s mother and they called the police.
Instantly, the man who had only spent less than a week in Uncle Sam’s country became a guest of the police station, and was later taken to court. He has since been remanded in prison.
Troubled by her husband’s incommunicado, Pastor Adeleke’s wife who had not heard from his husband for over a month decided to contact his husband’s friend. That was how it came to the open that he is in jail.
The snag is that, Pastor Adeleke could not raise money to get an attorney to help him handle his case. His wife who is in Nigeria with the children is also finding it difficult to raise money for him to get an attorney.
It is also embarrassing for the woman to go to family members or church members to raise money to get an attorney because most members of the church would be disappointed that the fire-brand pastor who also counsels married men and women is behind the prison walls for rape.

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