Lagos Assembly Lawmaker, Hon. Fafunmi’s third term meets stiff opposition

As the primaries for the political offices of the All Peoples’ Congress (APC) draws near, scores of aspirants have continued to come up, even though, some office holders are in dire need to retain their positions.

One of such people is Hon. Saka Fafunmi, the present lawmaker representing Ifako Ijaye Constituency 01.

Hon. Fafunmi, a two term lawmaker is currently facing the biggest battle of his political life now as he wants to return to the state House of Assembly for the third term while majority of the youths in his constituency are kicking against it.

Though, there are indications that the lawmaker is not in the good books of the party leaders in his constituency, thus his dream of achieving his ambition seems to be a pipe dream.

Another aspirant who has also thrown his hat into the ring is Hon. Aremo, the former Vice Chairman of Ifako Ijaye Local Government. He is believed to have the ears of few party leaders but majority are against his candidature because, he was the vice chairman during Ademola Doherty’s administration.

During the Doherty’s era with Aremo, there were a lot of failures in administration. Council workers, politicians and the communities have little things to show for the era in terms of development.

According to sources, Aremo’s candidature is being backed by the former chairman (Doherty) which clearly makes a lot of party members uncomfortable because of their past records of non-performance.

Another strong contender for the state House of Assembly seat is Oludotun Oludipe. Though, he is seeking for political office for the first time, but he is a strong contender and he is believed to be enjoying massive support from the youths and some party elders.

Oludipe’s ambition has really unsettled Fafunmi’s group because his presence and popularity among the youth wing has divided the camp.

However, majority of the APC party members are of the opinion that, Ifako Ijaye Constituency 01 primaries for the state House of Assembly, scheduled for November 19, 2014  deserves a change since the incumbent lawmaker has had two terms.


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