Kogi East endorses banker, Victor Adoji for senate 2019

Victor Adoji


Astute Banker, Victor Adoji has been okayed by the Kogi East Senatorial electorates for Senate come 2019 general election.
Victor Adoji is now gearing to run for the 2019 senatorial elections to represent Kogi East Senatorial District at the National Assembly. Already, there have been wild excitements everywhere in Kogi State as the electorates believe Adoji’s representation will be a sign of good things coming to the senatorial district.
The people are already expressing sighs of relief even though he has not yet won the seat because they believe in the abilities of their own son to turn things around at Kogi East.
Dr. VAA, as he his fondly called, is regarded as a generous man, who has affected many lives both in the state and in other parts of the country. His aspiration to contest for Kogi East Senatorial District of the state is borne out of his zeal to enhance development in the state.
Unlike some rich men who spend their money only where business relationships and connections can be fostered, Dr. Victor is noted for his generosity.
According to a Kogi State indigene, Johnson, he said that; “Now what does this mean to a rational Kogite? Of course, it portrays Dr VAA as a true definition of cordial relationship between the rich and the poor, the low and the mighty.”
“Victor, as a genuine Christian, understands that whatever God gives him is for the benefit of mankind. Apart from these, identifying with the poor and the vulnerable shows his staunch belief and strict adherence to equality. He believes that all of us are equal irrespective of religion and social differences.”
Dr VAA’s humane formula is a proof that he is a talent hunter, and that he seeks and invests hugely in uncommon, but dying talents among Kogites, particularly those of Igala extraction.
A source in the state disclosed that for posterity sake, Dr. Victor Adoji’s senatorial aspiration symbolises a revolution from hardship to abundance, darkness to light; political bondage to freedom amongst other numerous benefits that would accrue to the people once he gets into office.
He added that contrary to some ‘psychopathic insinuations’ that Dr. VAA was seeking riches and worldly connections with his ambition, his victory at the polls will lead to an era of transparency and accountability.
He continued… “Kogi East Senatorial District happens to have produced the largest local government in West Africa (Dekina), yet it hasn’t witnessed any tangible development due to poor representation in the legislature.”
“Hence, there is an urgent need for the right technocrat to be in charge of legislation in the district to present bills and motions in an appropriate manner for the benefit of the constituents. Dr. Adoji has demonstrated his capacity in these areas. He has participated fully in the duty of uniting Igalas.”
“He has put strategies and suggestions forward to the betterment of our people both at home and abroad. Ufedo, Udama Unyogba Ane Igala, an Abuja based NGO, testified to this when it made Dr. VAA chairman at one of its annual conferences. Members of Igala Association, USA were also living witnesses when Dr. Victor served as one of the dignitaries that graced their gathering few years back.”
“Dr VAA’s message has been no to nepotism, marginalisation, self-centeredness, social and ethnic differences. As a matter of fact, Victor is the ladder which the people of Kogi East should climb for socio economic and political revolution.”
Dr. Victor Adoji has a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from the University of Jos, and Master’s Degrees in Economics, Business Administration with bias in Corporate Strategy from Bayero University, Kano, and another Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship from the ITTL-DRC, University of Phoenix, USA. Adoji also obtained a PhD in Credit Management.
He is a fellow of Institute of Credit Administration (FICA) and an International Certified Credit Fellow (ICCF). He is a member of several professional and academic bodies in Nigeria and beyond. He has won numerous awards over the years in recognition of his meritorious and excellent discharge of duty. He was Deputy Editor, the business section of the Northern-based Concern magazine and joined the services of Zenith Bank Plc in 2000.

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