HotSports’ Taye Ige explains WAMCO’s success story at National Stadium’s Power Gym

One of the nation’s sports marketing giants, Hotsports Nigeria Ltd is celebrating the success story of Friesland Campina WAMCO that has turned, the once upon a time, dilapidated Power Gymnasium complex at the National Stadium, Surulere to a world class training facility, equipped with the best and latest training materials, to challenge the Nigerian Paralympic team to achieve more.
According to Taye Ige, Chairman/CEO of HS Media, owners of HotSports, he said the company is happy to be part of that success story, initiated and financed by Peak Milk, a brand that has shown enormous support and encouragement to sportsmen and women in Nigeria.
The sports marketing boss explains the journey that led to the complete overhaul of the Power Gymnasium the first time since the stadium was commissioned in 1972. He said it was a casual visit to the stadium by a top ranking official of Friesland Campina WAMCO, that turned around the fortunes of the Power Gym. The official was stunned on seeing the archaic, dilapidating and unconducive atmosphere where the Paralympic Team, that won medals at the last Paralympics trained.
“Convinced that if the place is made conducive for the Paralympians, they can do more and achieve more, Freisland Campina WAMCO adopted it as one of their corporate social responsibilities to Nigeria’s sports development.
“WAMCO didn’t stop at just renovating the structure. The company also instructed us to spare no effort in sourcing for the best, most modern equipment from renowned, reputable sports equipment companies in the world and worked with our experts. The result is what we have today: a world class Power Gym”.
Elated by the success story, Taye Ige said “We are happy and privileged to have our services retained by Friesland Campina WAMCO for this project; it is to our joy and eternal satisfaction as a company that we were involved in the laudable effort of this socially responsible corporate Nigerian citizen for the transformation of that facility”.
He also spoke on digitization and its revolutionary effect on the Nigerian television industry and revealed that his company, HS Media Group, is fully prepared for the challenges envisaged with world class production facilities that will change the face of television in Nigeria. Aside a Television College that will provide quality training for professionals in the industry, the company, he says, has built five ultra-modern studios that are being equipped with the best of the latest technologies in the broadcast industry.
Not just that, the complex houses Studio One, an edifice measuring 900 square meters and it’s unarguably the largest in sub-Saharan Africa. When Studio One comes on stream, big reality shows and productions need not be produced outside Nigeria again. Taye Ige insists.

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