GTBank Implements PIN for 737 Transactions

Renowned for its simplicity and efficiency, GTBank’s 737 USSD Banking Service is the most robust USSD banking platform in Nigeria, staying miles ahead of its competitors and setting the pace for innovation in mobile banking.

The Bank has continued to expand the services and features of the 737 service platform to make banking from a mobile device simple, fast and secure by implementing the use of a Personalized
Identification Number (PIN) for completing transactions on the 737 banking platform.

This means that customers can now create a 4 – digit PIN and use this PIN to authenticate their transactions.

How to Create a PIN for GTBank 737 Short Code

To create a PIN for completing all your 737 transactions, simply dial 7375#, complete the authentication process to confirm that you are the account holder and create a 4 – digit PIN (known only to you).

Why You Should Create it

The use of a PIN for 737 transactions further improves the security of the 737 platform.

It provides the perfect balance between the convenience of completing your transactions with a single dial and the safety in knowing that even if you lose your phone, your account remains secure.

Remember that your 737 PIN is just as important as your ATM PIN or internet banking
details, so you should never share it with anyone or keep it where a third party might have access to it.

If you ever feel that your PIN has been compromised, repeat the Create PIN process by dialing 7375# immediately and choose a different set of 4 digits to authenticate your 737

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