Generator fume kills woman and five children in Edo

A woman identified as Mrs. Okwueze was found dead alongside her five children after they reportedly inhaled fume from generating set in Edo State.
Tochukwu Okwueze, the deceased’s husband, is presently in hospital battling for his life after the incident, he was found in a state of coma. The incident happened at Akpata Street in Egor local government area of the state.
The family was said to have put on the generating set in their kitchen on Monday night and left it running throughout the night. It was gathered that neighbours raised the alarm when the bodies of the family were seen lying lifeless in the apartment after the door was forced opened.
The Edo State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Johnson Kokumo, confirmed the incident. He, however, advised residents to be careful of where they put their generating sets in their houses.
“It is pathetic. Their father is recuperating but I advise residents to be careful about where they place their generators because the fume is dangerous,” he said.
Father of the deceased children, Okwueze, was reportedly rushed to a hospital in the Eweka area of Benin for medical attention, after he was found in a state of coma.
One of the relatives of the deceased, simply identified as Vincent, explained: “My younger one called me from Lagos and asked me what was happening. I said that I did not know. So, he told me to go to the house, that something not pleasing to the ears had just happened.
“So, I call her (deceased woman) line. Somebody picked the call and said that they (victims) slept and did not wake up. The whole family was affected, but the police said the father survived. They said that though his case was serious, there was the need to rush him to University of Benin Teaching Hospital, and that they would call me later. It is a family of seven. The youngest is a set of twins.”

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