Forbes: Jeff Bezos Tops World’s Richest List

The list of 2,208 billionaires has been released by Forbes with first appearances from Hungary and Zimbabwe. This number is from 71 countries.
Altogether, there are worth $9.1 trillion, an increase of 18% from last year. America tops the list with 585 billionaires, while China has 373.
Jeff Bezos makes an appearance as the first and only person to have a 12-figure amount ($124.3 billion). Second in place is Bill Gates with $90 billion.
The first cryptocurrency billionaires, as well as online retailers and a restaurant heiress, make this list. The list also sees Saudia Arabians drop as a result of political and unforeseen circumstances.

The top 10 include:
Jeff Bezos- $124.3 billion
Bill Gates- $90 billion
Warren Buffett- $84 billion
Bernard Arnault and Family- $72 billion
Mark Zuckerberg- $71 billion
Amancio Ortega- $70 billion
Carlos Slim Helu- $67.1 billion
Charles Koch- $60 billion
David Koch- $60 billion
Larry Ellison- $58.5 billion

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