Covid-19: Usain Bolt quarantines after virus test as global deaths pass 800,000

World’s fastest man, sprint king Usain Bolt, has announced Monday that he is self-quarantining after being tested for COVID-19, as countries around the world again tightened lockdown measures.

Bolt, who did not confirm if he had received a result, spoke as governments around the world are tightening lockdowns once more, with well over 24 million people infected globally, 800,000 killed, and a vaccine still elusive.

His announcement also came as researchers in Hong Kong identified what they said was the first confirmed case worldwide of COVID-19 reinfection, raising questions about the durability of immunity, whether acquired naturally or with a vaccine.

Some reports claimed Bolt tested positive for the deadly virus. In a video posted on Twitter, the Jamaican said he had experienced no symptoms, but urged friends he had been in contact with to take precautions.

“I am trying to be responsible so I am going to stay in and be safe,” he said, adding that he had undergone the test on Saturday.

It was reported that friends had thrown him a surprise birthday the night before that was attended by other sporting stars including Manchester City star footballer Raheem Sterling.

Eight-time Olympic champion Bolt, who holds the world 100m and 200m records, last competed internationally at the 2017 World Championships in London.

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