Caroline Danjuma: I Get Movie Roles Because Of My Brains And Not Beauty

Popular Nollywood actress , Caroline Danjuma, who ha been criticized by many to be popular because of her beauty has come out to debunk that. She say, she is being featured in movies because she i capable and not because of her physical appearance.

Danjuma, who returned to acting recently in a TV series, Royal Castles, reveals that she contributes more than a beautiful face to the movie industry.

“I am different from any other actress because I am Caroline and there can never be another Caroline. Nobody can interpret roles the way I do and I cannot interpret roles like my colleagues do too. Everyone has their own strength and weakness. I have so much to offer than my beauty. I have my brain; so, no one can push me aside.” She said.

Danjuma also stated that piracy and the inordinate percentage of earnings that goes to cinemas were some of the factors that had discouraged her from producing movies in recent times.

“It is really tough for producers. I won a lot of awards for the two movies, In the Cupboard and Stalker, I produced three years ago, but I didn’t recoup the money I invested in them. Piracy makes producers struggle to get returns on investments. We also have very few cinemas in the country and the existing ones rip you off by taking 70 per cent of the profit of your creative work.

“Sometimes, it takes us five years to write a script and put a movie together. By the time you are done, someone else enjoys 75 per cent of it and you are left with literally nothing. All these have discouraged me from producing because I am not a ‘monkey that would work for a baboon to eat’. After my movie is pirated, the cinema will also take 70 per cent of what I have worked for? It doesn’t make sense.”

“I look at the location, characters and the pay I’m taking home. If I am going to give my all, I need you to give me your 100 per cent as well. I have bills to pay; I cannot do charity work.”

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