Bukola Ojo unveils new year plans

Delectable presenter and CEO of Toronto, Canada based public relations outfit, Buksade Promotions has revealed her intentions for the coming year.
The ravishingly beautiful lady, in a recent chat says her company would be rebranding and promoting some African cultural festivals, as well as marketing it to the outside world.
According to her, there are a lot of Africans in the diaspora who are interested in tracing their roots, while other races also wish to know about the African culture. In her words she says “Our intention is to create a bridge between the gaps and showcase Africa and its richness to the world”.
Bukola Ojo was in Nigeria recently to package a documentary on the Olojo Festival 2017 which she tagged Canada Participate. The documentary on YouTube -https://youtu.be/JM2RxQYECvE is currently enjoying views.

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