Buhari Is Leading Nigeria To The Promised Land – Orji Uzor Kalu

Former Abia State governor, Orji Uzor Kalu has stated that president Buhari has good intentions for Nigeria. He called on all Nigerians across religious, ethnic and political divides to support the president for Greater Success.

Speaking to Journalists at the Funeral Chief James Babatunde, fellow of Nigerian Institute of Town Planners, Kalu said;

“We are heading to the Promised Land. Buhari is leading us to the Promised Land, but people don’t understand. There are two types of components that make democratic process – the hardware and the software. The hardware is what you see, such as road construction and reconstruction. The software is obedience to rule of law, accessibility to people’s mind, obedience to court order, making sure that court of competent jurisdiction’s orders are respected, and making sure that everything done in the law is totally agreeable.

Our problem in Nigeria is very simple. People are not obeying traffic lights. Big people don’t want to obey simple rule; ‘do not cross this line’, this is the problem the country has. This is what Buhari is saying, that, ‘no, you cannot do without due process.’

Buhari is trying to say to Nigerian people that, ‘yes I might be slow, but we have to go through a process which is internationally acceptable’. So, we are on course. Things have been very difficult, I agree. But my grandmother used to tell me that when a tailor gets a brand new cloth, he has to first cut it into pieces, then make it into a very fine dress. That is where we are today. Everybody must be crying, we’ll get it (the nation) back on course.”

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