“APC Promised 3m Jobs But Lost 3m Jobs” – Atiku

Former vice-president Atiku Abubakar says the All Progressives Congress (APC) promised to fight corruption but instead has delivered a war on the opposition.

Atiku said this on Saturday at the PDP’s national elective convention at Eagle square Abuja.

The former vice-president said under current APC administration, the country is not working and the people are jobless.

He said the PDP has a lot to be proud of as in the last 16 years, Nigeria prospered and was recognised as the largest economy in Africa.

“Under the APC Nigeria is not working, under the APC our people are not working. Let us consider what the APC has achieved versus what they promised in the last election. The APC promised us N3 million new jobs a year, in government the APC has lost N3 million jobs a year,” Atiku said.

“The APC promised us unity, under APC Nigeria is more divided and acrimonious since the civil war. The APC promised us restructuring, in office the APC denied restructuring. The APC promised war on corruption but all they have delivered is a war on the opposition.

“Comparing the APC in government and the record of the PDP in government, we in the PDP achieved a 10-year expectancy of our people. We the PDP helped Nigeria become the largest in Africa. As members of the PDP we all have a lot to be proud of. in the 16 years that we governed we made Nigeria prosperous. We made mistakes, we are human beings but we put our nation first.

“We now have an APC government which continues to blame the previous governments rather than solving the problems. The PDP is the party that will restructure Nigeria into a modern nation with working institutions.”

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