American singer, Takeoff, dies after gunshot wound

American singer and member of Migos, Takeoff, was yesterday shot and killed in Houston due to a dice game he played with another Migos member, Quavo, who managed to flee unharmed.

According to law enforcement authorities and numerous witnesses, the fatal incident occurred soon after 2:30 AM, when police received a call that a man had been shot at the bowling alley known as 810 Billiards & Bowling Houston.

According to reports, Takeoff and Quavo were there playing dice when a fight broke out. At that point, someone fired a gun, hitting Takeoff . On the spot, he was pronuonced dead.

Quavo, wearing an orange shirt, and others are gathered around Takeoff in video. Quavo screamed for someone to call for assistance as they initially attempted to move him before setting him back down.

According to the police, two more people were shot and transported to the hospital in private automobiles. What their conditions are is unknown. Quavo suffered no harm.

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