Aisha Buhari’s Passion For Promoting Mother And Child Health In Nigeria

The wife of Nigeria’s president Aisha Buhari is fast becoming the face of advocacy, mobilization and promotion of mother and child health in the country. Her recent intervention and support for many nursing mothers across the country, especially those in rural areas point out to the fact that Hajia Buhari is not leaving anything to chance at ensuring that the plight of women and children is attended to by the present government.
Without doubt, she is already giving the needed support to reproductive, maternal, newborn child and adolescent health as well as improving nutritional standards in the country.  She is extending a hand of help to these mothers who sometimes are ignorant of the nutritional needs of their children.
She is already championing the Mother and Child vision with the help of local and international donor agencies and development partners within and outside of Nigeria because she simply believes that the health of women and children goes a long way at providing a measure of development for any country and the world at large.
In Africa, Nigeria accounts for the highest number of internally displaced persons in the country with more than three million in various camps and places spread across the country.

Some international donor agencies say it is necessary to push a new plan of nutrition forward especially at a time when the country is dealing with poor health care standards. 
With Hajia Buhari’s new venture, development partners and other inter agency bodies are already indicating  willingness to support this new milestone in the country’s bid to eliminate malnutrition and maternal/new born deaths.

Written by Afolake Araoye, a Social and Gender activist based in Lagos.

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